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Temp Mailing is the perfect solution for you if you want to keep your real mailbox clean and secure or if you need a temporary email address. Temp Mailing is anonymous, secure and free. You can use Temp Mailing to receive email from websites that require an email address or to sign up for newsletters. Temp Mailing is also a great solution for businesses that need a temporary email address for their customers.


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How to send temp mail?

To send temp mail you just have to visit temp-mailing and once you land on that page, you will see a screen with an email address. Now copy this and you can use this as a temporary email address

How to check temp mail inbox?

In order to check temp mail inbox, first visit temp-mailing and then scroll down and you will see a screen which says waiting for emails and that's how you can check the inbox.

How to use temp-mailing?

It's very easy to use temp-mailing. First head out to temp-mailing and you will see an email address, use this email address and with that you will also see your inbox on that page.

Is is safe to use temp-mailing?

Yes, temp-mailing is 100% safe and easy to use.

How do I access my temp mail?

To access your temp-mail you just need to scroll down and you will see all your mails there.

Is temp-mailing free to use?

Yes, temp-mailing is 100% free to use and we do not charge our users for using our tool.

How long does temp mail last?

Temp mail lasts as long as you don't change the email address.

Amazing Features

Temp-mailing service is a great way to avoid spam and protect your real email address from being revealed. When you sign up for a disposable email service, you are given a unique email address that you can use for a specific purpose, such as registering for a website, signing up for a contest, or subscribing to a newsletter. When you are finished using the disposable email address, you can simply delete it and no one will be able to access your real email address.

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